1. Do we need to provide the pictures?
It is not necessary! Included with all your program selection's is a complete architectual photo study created for the exclusive use of your products!
2. Are your products exclusive for our store only?
Yes! We produce our products and services for only your store - we will not sell items to other stores or other campus departments!
3. Do we need to purchase high minimums?
No, you do not. Our products feature the lowest minimums for these custom products in the United States for similar quality products and sizes.
We provide a no cost display with all of our products for you!
4. How do we display our new products?
5. How long does the process require?
Once we have your campus on our program schedule we keep track of the weather for the optimum look, then we will photograph your campus. We then schedule a conveniant time to meet with you to choose the products you would like and in just a few short weeks your products arrive - We make it quick and easy for you!
Here are some frequently asked questions, that may help you out.
6. Can we also have aerials included with our photographs?
Yes! We always try to include aerials because they are so popular with our clients.
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